By Kim Schultz, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

This past weekend, I tackled my fourth of the infamous 46 “High Peaks” in the Adirondacks. For someone who loves to temporarily escape reality to channel my inner adventure, the mountains always call me back.  As I embarked on the grueling 10-mile, 7-hour journey, I came to the realization that climbing a mountain is pretty darn symbolic of challenges we face in life. We encounter many uphill battles that test our resolve, challenge our inner will, and push us to our physical limits. While the climb ultimately strengthens us for the better, our rise to the top never comes without adversity.

Does this resonate with you? Maybe you’re at a point in your career where you’ve reached a crossroads and unsure which way to turn. Perhaps you’ve been displaced and left to constantly wonder how you’re going to secure that next great gig. You might even be thinking, “There’s got to be more to life than this.”

Think about the emotions and thoughts that are probably running through your head:

  • I’ve got this! It’s going to be great! Oh, maybe I spoke too soon…
  • This is getting difficult. Am I sure I can do this?
  • I’m getting closer, but it’s getting even harder. 
  • How can other people make this look so easy?

These are the same thoughts that run through my brain each time I set out to scale another summit.  Do I have what it takes to be more than 4,000 feet in the air? Can my hiking boots withstand the rough and rugged terrain? Are my drive and determination enough to carry me through this colossal challenge? 

Luckily, as I began my ascent up the mountain, I found myself surrounded by old friends and new. In these moments of uncertainty, I saw the importance of leaning on those around me for support and words of encouragement. With each step I took, my mind and body worked together as one, cohesive unit, allowing me to reach my destination. As I took my first deep breath the summit, everything felt right in the world.

When you find yourself faced with a “mountainous” decision – whether in your personal or professional life – remember that overcoming these obstacles molds us into stronger, more resilient individuals. Think about the many prominent leaders in the world today and the challenges that they overcame to attain success:

  • JK Rowling battled depression and was living on welfare while trying to work on a novel, but she credits many of her greatest successes to her various failures.
  • Maya Angelou suffered abuse at a young age and experienced several failed marriages, but she believes the strength that came from that failure can be an inspiration to others.
  • Steven Spielberg applied to USC film school twice – and was rejected both times. After experiencing success as an award-winning film director, the school awarded him an honorary degree.
  • Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. Rather than wallowing in the sorrows of this “disability,” he used this obstacle to his advantage and positively channeled this energy to become the greatest swimmer in the world.

Despite the sudden uphill battles that life throws in your path, always remember: life’s greatest views come after its hardest climbs. No matter what happens in your job search, be sure to stay positive. You never know what could come your way!

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