COVID-19 Resources

At Acara Solutions, we’re here to help you find the job that’s right for you. As our world starts to recover from COVID-19 and employers begin to scale, let us help you get back on your feet and ready to work again. Sign in or create an account with us today. Here, you’ll find insights and resources from our team of expert recruitment professionals that examine the effects of COVID-19 on your job search.

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Video Job Interview Tips: Before, During, and After

With the developing situation revolving around COVID-19, many workplaces are being disrupted. During this time of significant transition for many people, searching for jobs and performing well during interviews will become a priority across the country and around the world.

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5 Tips for Job Seekers During COVID-19

During these difficult and uncertain times right now, you might be experiencing hardships at work or considering a career change. As recruiters with Acara Solutions, our job is to support job seekers who might need support, assistance, and resources to help them get through our current situation. We’re here to help you move forward when businesses resume hiring.

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6 Ways to Nail Your Phone Interview

Did you write a next-level cover letter and resume? If so, you may have dialed up a phone interview with your prospective employer. During this stage of the game, you’ll need to be prepared to explain the contents of your resume, answer some questions about yourself and your experience, and describe what you hope to accomplish in your new role (among other topics of conversation).

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