Jobs in light industry range from machinists to assemblers, processors, packers, shippers, and more. The skill sets of each position vary, some requiring specific certifications, years of experience, or abilities. With a wide array of opportunities out there, we’re able to match light industry candidates with a position that they’re qualified for and that leads to the future success they want to achieve.

Whether you’ve worked in light industry for years or are new to the field, Superior Jobs can help you find a position that matches your unique interests, skills, and goals. We’re dedicated to placing all candidates in positions that utilize their strengths and offers opportunities for them to thrive.

Helping Light Industrial Job Candidates Get Hired

Superior Jobs is connected to many well-known companies in the light industrial sector and can get you in front of them quicker than other job searching methods. You’ll receive personalized service from a recruiter that knows the ins and outs of light industry, and what it takes to get hired.

We’ve helped individuals all over the country get hired in a variety of light industrial positions, such as:

  • Warehouse worker
  • Fitting technician
  • Welder
  • CNC machinist
  • Supply chain associate

Companies are hiring for all shifts, including temporary and permanent positions. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with the right job.

Light Industrial Job Opportunities

Don’t wait to get hired by a reputable company in your area! Contact the Superior Jobs office nearest to you to get started.